Arctic Business Council to gather in 2017

How should and can business leaders contribute to the Arctic debate? What are the challenges and what are the plausible ways forward? These questions and more will be on the agenda when Arctic Business Council participants convene for their third summit on 24 January 2017 in Tromsø, Norway.

Held during Arctic Frontiers, the international conference on sustainable development in the Arctic, this summit will combine perspectives from different businesses and sectors. The time is ripe for the international business community to join forces and discuss the way forward for business development in the Arctic.

The Arctic Business Council does this by gathering business leaders with real influence, giving them a platform to launch and seek support for concrete ideas, initiatives and projects among peers both within and outside of their respective sectors.

Change and opportunity

The Arctic is undergoing historic change and holds significant opportunities for economic growth, science, and innovation. It has the potential to ease the world’s growing need for energy and food, as well as being host to vast deposits of mineral resources. Additionally, new sea routes are opening up as the polar ice cap recedes.

Over the past year, the world has witnessed increased geopolitical insecurity, lower prices on important resources and weaker and less reliable global economic growth. Faced with these changes and taking into account the urgent need for meeting the challenges posed by climate change, the Arctic Business Council will consider how business development is affected and what tools it needs to navigate this new reality.

If you are interested in joining this unique global meeting place for high-level decision makers, please send an email to